Who We Are

The Origin

The origins of PlanV can be traced back several years ago when Massimiliano Giacometti recognised the need for a company that could provide ASIC/FGPA engineering services with expertise in the use of both open and closed IP blocks and tools within the industry.

Massimiliano Giacometti conceived the initial vision and successfully enlisted Rocco Marasea and Davide Schiavone as co-founders of PlanV, given their previous collaborative experiences at companies like Intel and OpenHW. The founders shared a common alignment in terms of values and ethical principles, making them well-suited for the mission at hand.

In June 2022, PlanV was officially incorporated as a GmbH in Munich. Since its inception, the company has successfully completed close to a dozen client projects, with more projects in progress, including new ones from existing clients. PlanV also actively engages in research and development activities, focusing on RISC-V implementation in automotive and robotics applications.

The team at PlanV consists of digital design engineers, PhD scholars, and embedded software engineers. The company follows an all-remote work approach, with team members located across Europe, Asia, and Australia. Currently, the team size of PlanV is 7 however it is continuing to grow.

Values & Traits

  • Skills & Expertise: We value mastery in the skills and techniques of digital design. In addition we value the skills and techniques that can’t be learned, those such as intuition and judgement, and which also contribute to the delivery of excellence. PlanV is a team of expert hardware and software engineers.
  • Teamwork: To deliver as a team, there must be great teamwork. To this end, PlanV values the teamsmanship of a champion team, over a team of champions.
  • Relationships: We see a personal relationship as the key ingredient of successful working relationship. Personal in this context refers to the understanding of the personality behind the professional.
  • Growth: If bettering oneself through the pursuit of knowledge is a noble pursuit, then the bettering of a colleague through the sharing of knowledge must be considered a more noble pursuit. At PlanV we value growth in the team through the sharing of knowledge.
  • Delivery: At PlanV we want our deliveries to be seen as a standalone symbol of PlanV. As such we have a strong delivery ethic and we take a lot of pride in delivering excellence in our craft.
  • Enjoyment: Enjoyment in life is important. For the majority of us work is part of life, and so PlanV value the enjoyment in working together.

At PlanV, these qualities form the foundation of our approach, enabling us to be a strong team and deliver exceptional results to our clients.