PlanV is well-versed in the intricacies of available RISC-V architectures and can help you select the core that meets your needs. PlanV can also provide the necessary support to meet your unique needs, including customization, verification, and integration of RISC-V CPUs.

RTL Design & Verification

PlanV can help you by producing the IP block, or by guiding you in the selection of the IP Block from an archive of open IP blocks.

Tools and Workflow Consultancy

PlanV can optimise your digital design workflow. PlanV can guide you in the use of closed and open IP tool suites.

FPGA Prototyping

PlanV can assist you in the FPGA prototyping of your SoC or IP block, helping to assure functional correctness and improve the time-to-market of your product.

SoC Design

PlanV can help you design a SoC that is equipped for your needs. Furthermore PlanV can guide you take your SoC and tape a chip, by explaining the processes, recommending Fabs and helping with the correspondence with the Fab.