The ISA has been standardized, but not all implementations are equal, nor may they be perfectly compatible with your needs.

Customization, verification and integration of RISC-V CPUs have been our daily business for several years now and we’d be happy to help you too get a tailor-made CPU.


The opensource world offers a huge variety of tools, libraries and IPs, but navigating through these can be overwhelming.

We can simplify this complexity for you, by selecting, validating and integrating the most appropriate components for your design or your workflow.

Design Services

Whether it is a custom chip, an accelerator based on FPGA, the prototype of your upcoming SoC, an embedded operating system or some bare metal application, we have the right competences to help you realize your goals.


From building up a development team to organizing your internal processes, from supporting your product definition to setting up the production chain.

We are professionals who’ve been working in the industry for decades and we are keen on sharing our experience with you.